Not Even Kylie Jenner Wants Pieces From Tyga's Last Kings Clothing Line

Kylie Jenner's charity auction is filled with designer labels—and Tyga's Last Kings clothing line.

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First, the good news. Kendall and Kylie Jenner are auctioning off a massive amount of their personal wardrobes on eBay—with a percentage of the proceeds benefiting The Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Yes, the selection is almost entirely made up of womenswear, but those interested in snapping up pieces from the youngest members of the Kardashian clan will find merchandise from brands like Louis Vuitton, Public School, Trapstar, Off-White, VenusxMars, and many more. 

But perhaps the most surprising development however, is that a strong percentage of the gear on auction is from Kylie's maybe-yes-maybe-no boyfriend Tyga's Last Kings clothing line. 

Perhaps you'd be interested in going for a Last Kings basketball jersey? There's plenty of colors to choose from:



If those don't pique your interest, why not bid on this Last Kings graphic tee?



Or how about this T-shirt, currently bidding at the wallet-busting price of just over a dollar.



Fortunately, if you're not looking to snag a major deal on some Last Kings merch, there's still plenty to browse in the charity auction's eight pages of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

As far as the Last Kings merch...well, leave it to Kylie Jenner to turn trash into treasure.

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