Hong Kong Finds $387,000 Worth of Fakes in Biggest Counterfeit Bust in a Decade

When in doubt, don't trust someone selling a "Cnanel" bag.

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When will counterfeiters learn?

Today, Hong Kong officials announced their latest counterfeit bust, seizing over HK$3 million ($387,000) in knock-off designer goods, making it the city's biggest seizure of the past ten years. The haul, consisting of more than 30,000 pieces of merchandise, included bags, luxury watches, perfumes, and sneakers.

Hong Kong is a hotbed for counterfeits and knock-offs, with locals and tourists alike buying up fakes, according to Channel NewsAsia. The most notable items in the bust included a Chanel bag labeled "Cnanel" and fake Converse sneakers. With the items being sold at a mere 10 percent of their actual retail value, it's no wonder that people were willing to cop the clearly fake merchandise.

The operation was completed at two separate locations last month, resulting in three arrests. 

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