Grace Jones Takes Shots at Kim Kardashian for Her 'Paper' Cover

Grace Jones has a personal reason for shading Kim Kardashian.

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Grace Jones isn't afraid to tell people what's on her mind. With the recent release of her autobiography, the model/artist took shoots at everyone from Beyoncé, to Nicki Minaj, to Lady Gaga, claiming that they jacked her style and aesthetic. Her latest target is Kim Kardashian, who Jones simply calls "basic." 

But unlike the other hate that Kardashian receives on a daily basis, Jones' critique has a personal connection—one that has to do with Kardashian's now-legendary "Break the Internet" cover for Paper magazine

Jones has a child with Jean-Paul Goude, the photographer behind the infamous cover. The fact that Goude decided to rework his 1976 classic—which originally featured Jones—with Kardashian has left the model with a bad taste in her mouth. Jones writes in her autobiography:

"When he took a photograph of Kim Kardashian with a champagne glass perched on her ass in an impossible pose like the ones he did with me over thirty-five years ago, I asked him why he was giving her—a basic commercial product—his ideas? This seemed to contradict this spirit of integrity, which he has protected for so long. Why was he repeated himself, just to give her a little flare of publicity, quickly absorbed by the next puff of self-promotion?"

While Goude admitted to Jones that Kardashian would have likely copied the idea with, or without his involvement, Jones believes he might have done the shoot to "wind [her] up a little as well."

Purchase Jones' autobiography I'll Never Write My Memoirs here.

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