Fight Breaks Out Outside Supreme L.A. Reportedly Over Box Logo Crewnecks

It's not worth it, kids.

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Yesterday's Supreme drop was as crazy as ever, and with the box logo crewneck sweater dropping, Supreme shoppers both online and in New York were losing their minds over the classic-yet-hyper rare design. Apparently, over at Supreme's L.A. outpost, it was enough for two people to come to blows.

As posted on Instagram by user rudeboy626, two men were tangled up in a fight outside Supreme's brick-and-mortar on L.A.'s North Fairfax Avenue. As security guards and onlookers attempt to stop the brawl, the fight moves into oncoming traffic before the clip cuts out shortly thereafter. While it's unclear what exactly launched the fight, the caption from rudeboy626 claims that it started over yesterday's marquee item: the box logo crew neck. "All for a Supreme Box Logo Crewneck Video" the accompanying Instagram caption says. 

It's not worth it kids.

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