Best Buy Is the Newest Home of the Apple Watch

The major retailer is the first non-Apple name to sell the Apple Watch stateside.

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While the Apple Watch started retailing at Apple Stores exclusively a month ago, Apple has recently announced plans to sell its latest foray into wearable tech at Best Buy, starting in August.

With 100 stores to start, and plans to expand to 300 locations by the holidays, Best Buy is taking advantage of being the first retailer (outside of Apple itself) to offer the Apple Watch to consumers. The catch? While Best Buy stores will definitely have the Apple Watch Sport and the mainline Apple Watch, it will not be carrying the Apple Watch Edition (aka: the super-expensive version)

But what does this mean in relation to the Apple Watch's dismal early sales reports? According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple CEO Tim Cook claims the watch is "selling better than the company expected." Perhaps the poor early numbers are due more to the Apple Watch's limited initial release, which Apple claims was to prioritize pre-orders of the smart watch. Unfortunately, that's only skewed public perception and the projections for future sales, but Apple and Best Buy are confident that the Apple Watch will be a strong contender.

"...we know our customers want it,” said Jason Bonfig, senior category officer at Best Buy.

Look out for the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch at Best Buy locations starting Aug. 7.

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