While people like Drake and Pharrell are already rocking their Apple Watches, the rest of the world was forced to wait until the pre-orders began today. Less than an hour after online pre-orders started for the Apple Watch Edition in China, all of the watches had been reserved for an estimated $20,000 each, according to Business Insider.

The Apple Watch Edition is the most exclusive and most expensive of the three models, with the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport costing several thousand dollars less. Available in 18-karat yellow or rose gold, the devices were designed with a certain type of person in mind, and apparently there are a lot of those people in China. The country is known for their obsession with luxury brands (which often cost 30 percent more than in the US), so it looks like Apple has just graduated to the level of some LVMH brands for Chinese consumers.  

Ben Thompson of Stratechery tweeted that he couldn't find the watch in any of the online pre-order sites, but we're sure the resale market will be overflowing with them when the devices ship weeks from now.

Every Apple Watch Edition I've checked in the China Store is listing as out of stock. pic.twitter.com/3IlLzpVFFW

— Ben Thompson (@benthompson) April 10, 2015