What Is Resting B**** Face, Anyway?

We break down RBF for you.

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Resting bitch face aka RBF aka bitchy resting face aka the "thoughtfully sad or angry for no reason" way women sometimes look as explained by this public service announcement.

It plagues celebrities and normal people alike, but more importantly, RBF appears to affect only the female half of the population. Buzzfeed has taken to arms recently, describing 17 other names for the way women look other than "bitchy."

Anna Kendrick/ via Twitter

RBF is the source for thousands of memes. Some tasteful. Others, not so much. It makes beautiful actress seem miserable and prompted a think piece in the New York Times. RBF is real and we're all living with it. Some of us more than others though. Right, Kanye?

Kanye's RBF While Zip Lining In Mexico/ via Imugr


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