Republican Politician Denies Having a Secret Life as Menswear Blogger, Hilariously

As more evidence surfaces to the contrary. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, fam.

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We recently brought you the story of a blog which went by the name of WASP 101, and yes, that's went, as in, doesn't anymore because the blog was deleted. And why was that blog deleted?

Just chancing a guess here, but it'd look like it was deleted shortly after some seemingly irrefutable evidence emerged linking its mysterious author's identity to one Bryan R. Holloway, a Republican representative in North Carolina's state senate. The blog is so serious in its dedication to the culture of WASPs that some people initially took it to be a satire. It is not. Something like this could potentially turn into something very embarrassing for someone in the political arena, not for anything more than the fact that it was a secret that appeared to be uncovered. But that also goes without mentioning all of the hilariously bad WASP-centric content on the blog. 

When the connections were presented by yesterday, we called Rep. Holloway's office to ask after them, a call that went unreturned. Since then, there have been a few developments:

1. Rep. Holloway has denied being the blogger behind WASP 101 to a WRAL reporter named Laura Leslie. From the story:


WRAL's Laura Leslie goes on to point out some of the similarities between Holloway and the WASP 101 blogger, including the fake handle ("Richard," which is Holloway's middle name), the dog they've blogged about (both named "Governor"), as well as their shared age, their shared birthday, and the fact that they both work in politics.

2. A fake Twitter of Holloway, @RepFabulous, has been created. That's not material to the story here, it's just funny.

3. Another blogger, Gregg Flynn, has started to present some new compelling evidence connecting Holloway to WASP 101. Like this picture mashup of WASP 101's "Richard" and Holloway, who wear the same watch:

 And Holloway's stoop, which matches the stoop of "Richard" fairly well. This is the stoop of "Richard":

And this is the stoop of Rep. Holloway:

And oh yes, there's more where that came from. Now, while Rep. Holloway did not return the calls of Ivy Style or Complex, he did deny being Richard to WRAL's Laura Leslie. So we are obligated to report this denial. That said:

1. It does not appear Rep. Holloway has demanded a retraction or denial from Ivy Style, who he still has yet to contact.

2. We must reiterate, again, that Rep. Holloway has denied being behind WASP 101. But if he were actually behind it, he would join a long list of politicians including Rick Lee, Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, and (fellow North Carolina native son) John Edwards who have denied doing something, and then copped to it. So there's that.

Rep. Holloway has yet to return Complex's calls from yesterday. We have reached out to him over email this afternoon, and will update if we hear back.

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