How Do You Make Selling Pot Stylish?

In Colorado a group called Cannabrand is working to make the now legal Marijuana industry more stylish.

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Colorado and several other US states are now the home of legal marijuana and business is booming - but the still-young industry is holding on to a lot of the shadiness and shabbiness of something still illegal (which arguably it is, under federal law.)  However, some people are trying to change this perception and the New York Times just profiled a group of two women, Olivia Mannix and Jennifer DeFalco, who have started an advertising business called Cannabrand that helps marijuana-based businesses appeal to a more sophisticated demographic.  

In talking with the Times, Mannix said: "We’re weeding out the stoners, we want to show the world that normal, professional, successful people consume cannabis.” She also explains how despite Colorado and Washington State both legalizing recreational marijuana use, and a majority of the US public supporting its legalization, many dispensaries have a shady feel with bars over windows and hoodied staff. Cannabrand can help change that perception by suggesting gourmet food pairings with certain strains of weed, changing the uniforms and designs of shops and helping shops hire marketing-savvy professionals.

For your high class pot experience there's nowhere you can legally do it online but you can book a flight to Colorado here.

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