Seventies Los Angeles is the Inspiration for Denim Collection by NEUW

Los Angeles denim line NEUW has a new collection inspired by 1970s punk.

Image via Neuw

Boutique denim line NEUW professes a "deep, unsettling love for pants" on its Facebook page. This unsettling love is on display in its new collection for fall 2014 called "The Damned." The name references the famed 1970's punk band of the same name and the collection draws on the culture and style surrounding the punk scene at that time with gritty and dark denim pieces.  

All of the NEUW denim is selvedge, meaning that it was woven on old-style shuttle looms and it gives the look and feel an authenticity to jeans inspired by a scene from forty years ago. The black selvedge line, which you can see on the cuff jeans is an interesting twist on what is usually blue or red.

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[via Selectism]

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