These "Seinfeld" Scenes Were Given a Makeover With Help From Fuck Jerry Creator Elliot Tebele

"Vogue" gives classic "Seinfeld" scenes a modern twist.

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 In honor of Seinfeld finally streaming on Hulu, Vogue has recreated its favorite moments from the sitcom. Model Andreea Diaconu poses as Elaine Benes, while Elliot Tebele, the creator of Fuck Jerry, plays Jerry Seinfeld. The duo is styled in the character's iconic outfits, with Tebele sporting light wash Levi's and Nikes and Diconu wearing oversized blazers and floral dresses. 

“Being in that room, being dressed up as him, acting the scenes straight out of the show, I honestly felt like I was him, for, like, a moment,” Tebele said to Vogue. “It was weird.

The magazine attempted to modernize the classic '90s looks by incorporating designers like Thom Browne and Saint Laurent.

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