Robert Geller's Male Models Share Their Struggles With Samantha Bee in This Hilarious Video

Samantha Bee goes to Robert Geller's showroom to discover the plight of male models.

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In honor of New York Fashion Week: Men's, Amazon sent The Daily Show's Samantha Bee to a Robert Geller's showroom to document the plight of male models. In the hilarious video, Bee interviews the models and Geller, asking them the important questions like, "How much hair is too much hair on the runway?"

Bee makes sure to point out the stereotypical nicknames often associated with male models such as "himbos" and "prettidiots." And, at one point she even asks a blonde model if he was discovered in Abercrombie & Fitch or the kingdom of Asgard. It is safe to say she trolled them pretty hard.


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