The Choreographer Behind Justin Bieber's "Sorry" Music Video Explains Her Vision

The 23-year-old leads the dance crews that star in the video.

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After the release of Justin Bieber's video for "Sorry," we told you about the New Zealand dance crews that were the focus of the video. Now, Parris Goebel, the leader of the crews is sharing her vision for the project.

The 23-year-old lead choreographer opened her dance school in 2009 and created the Royal Family crew and ReQuest, the World Hip-Hop Dance champions, that were chosen to star in the video. She has already worked with heavyweights like Nicki Minaj and Janet Jackson, and she recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss how she developed the concept for the new video, which has been viewed millions of times.

Goebel explains that she was contacted by Bieber's people to create the video. So, she recorded the material and sent it to them, without ever actually interacting with the singer. Goebel can be seen in the video rocking the black jumpsuit and hat.

The dancer describes the process as very chill, very fun and spontaneous."We usually dance around and try different things, pretty much just going with the flow."

For the dancer's style, she says she had a vision for what she wanted the project to look like. "I knew what style I wanted — like Nineties — but we all pretty much brought clothes. I brought my entire wardrobe and just started checking different clothes on different girls. We knew we were going [to make a] dance video, and I just kind of followed the idea of doing it in a white room to make it really clean."

Goebel also says she is very thankful for the success of the video.  "I'm always doing my own thing, so it just feels good to have your art — your work — appreciated by people who are outside the dance world. It's always a really cool feeling."

You can read the rest of her interview here.

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