Cannes Film Festival Bans Selfies From the Red Carpet

Celebrities are banned from taking selfies on the Cannes red carpet.

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Cannes Film Festival is attempting to completely shut down the selfie at this year's event. The director of the festival, Theirry Fremaux, is working towards keeping celebrities from taking pics of themselves on the red carpet. He blames the new ban on timing issues.

“We don’t want to prohibit it but it’s really a matter of timing. We have a certain amount of time to get people across the red carpet and up the steps and it really slows things down if people stop every two metres to take a picture of themselves, with themselves,” he said at the festival's launch.

But, Fremaux is clearly not a fan of the practice, calling it "extremely ridiculous and grotesque."

Although, there won't be "selfie police" monitoring celebs, Cannes is taking the attack of the selfie to a new level. Earlier this year we saw the selfie stick receive similar bans from museums, music festivals and other public spaces, but those rules at least allowed you to use your arm. 


[via Grazia Daily]


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