The Brooklyn Circus' Moto-Varsity Jacket Mixes up Two Classic Styles so You Never Have to Choose Between Them

Jocks and greasers unite as one.

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The Brooklyn Circus has finally brought peace to the age-old and devastating rivalry between jocks and greasers that dates back to the '50s.

Aptly titled the "Moto-Varsity," this jacket consists of a motorcycle jacket's traditional torso, with varsity jacket-inspired leather sleeves. The hybrid fusion is made up of a Melton-Wool body with prominent embroidered branding on the back, and top-grade varsity leather sleeves. It's finished off with a quilt-lining interior for utmost comfort.

Additional details that take this mash-up jacket beyond anything else include knit-ribbed wrists with leather cuff protectors and an inside pocket with a leather welt edge. BKC constructed two versions; the "Knuckle-Head" is merked out in all black, and the "Charlie-Knuckle" changes things up with a very charming black body and chocolate brown sleeves.

Proudly made in the USA, the Moto-Varsity will be available at The Brooklyn Circus NY and San Francisco stores, and online exclusively on Black Friday November 29.

[via The Brooklyn Circus]

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