Patrick Martinez Says "Art is a Privilege" in New Interview by Estevan Oriol

He knows where he stands.

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We can’t get enough of the Los Angeles-based artist Patrick Martinez. Last week, it was a preview of his new show “Buy Now Cry Later” at the Minneapolis gallery Public Functionary; this week, we get a glimpse into the preparation of screen prints for the show, as well as an insider look into his art. He talks about his genesis in the field, how he moved from graffiti, to painting in trainyards, to gravitating to canvases, to developing his neon concepts from his environment in East L.A. The interview was conducted and cut by none other than Martinez collaborator and fellow artist Estevan Oriol.

“I look at art as a privilege to do this,” Martinez says in the clip  “That’s something that I cherish, to wake up and come to the studio and create.”

Oriol's YouTube description of the video is just as fascinating: 

I met Patrick back in the days when we both were working with Rime Magazine, Mister Cartoon and I have since then have worked with him on many projects and also with our company S.A. Studios, he did the lay out 2 of my books 1979 for Adidas and L.A. Woman for Drago Publishing as well as designs for Joker Brand and the "Righteous Kill" movie poster campaign, to name a few. Actually there's too many projects to remember. Basically what i'm trying to say is He's a bad Mother Fucker at this Art thing. when you have a chance go check him out.

Check it out above.

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