The Alphabet That Was Printed With Bird Poop

The old is new again.

A Spanish artist by the name of Fabrizio Lamoncha created a project that uses live birds to produce letters of the Latin alphabet. Not that the figures are created with birds in figurative arrangement. Rather, a unique device called the Pooprinter was utilized in a study of the behavior of non-breeding birds. The Pooprinter is an analog printer that used a group of dedicated male zebra finches to generate typography in the form of excrement. Yes, in this day and age, even bird poop can be art. 

Here’s how Lamoncha described the project theoretically:

A group of male zebra finches underwent this experiment with rigorous commitment. The author/captor, taking the role of some kind of 1984´s Big brother, is providing the implementation guidelines for the transformation of this countercultural attitude into a marketable artsy product. The observation of this group of non-breeding birds in captivity and the experimentation with induced behaviors has been rigorously documented for this task. This project researches in a hybrid, artistic and scientific framework the physiological, mechanical and social dynamics of birds under captivity in a simulated factory-chain environment.

And here's his description of the printer's physical specs:

The Poo Printer consists of a wooden cage sized 170x120cm and 100cm high with a removable tray in the center. This tray has interchangeable parts looking like tree branches with integrated food dispensers. According to the order of placement of these pieces it creates the shape of each of the characters of the Latin alphabet. The birds will hang out there most of the day, eating, pooing and even eating and pooing simultaneously. 

Check out time-lapse video of the project above. 

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[via Designboom]

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