Even Zoë Kravitz Has Something Hilarious to Say About Lenny Kravitz's #PenisGate

Zoë Kravitz responds to Lenny Kravitz's wardrobe malfunction.

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Zoë Kravitz has addressed the Lenny Kravitz  #PenisGate—you know, when Lenny's leather pants ripped and he exposed his, um, private parts. Similar to her dad's response, the young actress/lead singer of Lolawolf posted a photo to Instagram of a conversation with Chelsea Tyler, daughter of rockstar Steven Tyler (Lenny tweeted an exchange with Steven as well).

At least she (and Chelsea) have a good sense of humor.

Zoë told Complex in our April/May 2015 cover story that she and her dad are "buddies." Of the Super Bowl XLIX meme of Lenny grinding on Katy Perry during their halftime performance, which Zoë posted on her Instagram, she said that they simply thought it was "fucking hilarious." 

What a family. 

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