This Vegan Leather Du-Rag Will Make You Give Up

On what? On everything.

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Rihanna was praised this past summer for wearing all sorts of du-rags, but of course, some people took it a little too far. Women's online retailer Nasty Gal is now selling a vegan leather du-rag that no one absolutely needs. 

It's also worth noting that the product description itself is pretty hilarious/ridiculous:

"Sometimes you've just got to du-rag you. This vegan leather du-rag has a tie closure at back and is unlined. Perfect with a black tee dress and slide sandals."

Word of advice, if your girl actually cops one, it might be a sign to let that go.

The commenters on Jezebel's post have the right idea:


The sarcasm in this one is especially good:


It's just too bad this didn't surface during #DuRagHistoryWeek. Could you imagine the stuff the Internet would come up with?

On that note:

[via Jezebel]

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