The 50 Greatest Skateboards of The 1990s

We hit up two savvy collectors to take us through the most memorable deck graphics from the '90s.


Skateboarding has come in and out of popularity, but since the rise of street skating in the late '80s, one thing has remained consistent: the deck graphics are always crazy. The early skateboards had imagery, but it wasn't really until the '90s, when companies started churning out signature graphics for their pro teams, that there were cutting-edge designs on the walls of every skate shop. Skateboards come out by the hundreds each month these days, but things wouldn't be the way they are now without the decade that brought us brands like World Industries, Alien Workshop, Real, Blind, 101, Flip, and Girl. To give an insider's look into the history of this period, we hit up Tim Anderson of and Michael Hastings of Vans and KCDC, two collectors of '90s skate decks, in order to get an expert opinion on the greatest graphics of that time. Without the graphic explosion of that decade, there would be nothing today, so click below to see Tim's and Mike's picks of the Top 50 Skateboards of the 1990s.

Baby With Crayon

Cheech & Chong

Bout Time


Rasta Baby

Standing Baby

Candy Slick

Hanging Klansman Wood

Black Calvin


Barbie Car

Chocolate Pow

Big Apple

Alone, Alone Again

Matchstick Men

Rocco Harem

Panther Tribute

Giving Tree



Bruce Lee

Crest and Towers


Naked Girl


Tiger Bomb

Kid in Dumpster

Wild Things

Chewbacca Slick

Crazy Cat

Bike Bear

Bathroom Porno


Girl on Motorcycle


Lady & Tiger

Marilyn and Mary


High Guy

Yoda Slick

Ink Drip

Russian Statue/Crushed Powell Statue

Hanging Klansman Slick

Boba Fett

Charles Manson Brown

Kid in Field Slick

Accidental Gun Death

Natas - Devil Worship

Skull and Banana

Napping Negro

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