Street Detail: Space Cadet

Today's subject is part of the Power Rangers Crew and says he's going to start wearing astronaut attire. Is he stylin' or just wildin? Vote now!

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tonyAll week, Street Detail will feature members of The Power Rangers, the L.A. dance crew leading the "jerkin'" movement. For more, check out the August/September issue.

NAME: Tony





DENIM: Levi's


Favorite rap song of all time? Honestly, anything with Lil Wayne is the best. "I'm A Beast," by Lil Wayne

Favorite subject in school? A tie between math and science.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I always wanted to make something that could make people's jobs a whole lot easier.

Who inspires your style? My big bro VB, better known as Vernon Grace.

Vote on whether this week's subject is "Stylin" or "Wildin" below...

Who has wack style? Never really been a fan of T-Pain's top hats. Makes me think that a rabbit is under it.

What trend should die? Grills, big T-shirts and baggy clothes.

Most money spent on clothing? $300 on Nike Blazers when they were first released. I wanted them on the first day.

Favorite online shop?

What do you collect? Snapback hats.

What is your favorite brand? Nike.

Most common statement about your style? I stick out in a crowd.

Guilty pleasure? Talking to a girl's best friend. It feels like something you're not supposed to be doing it and you feel like you're trespassing into foreign land.

What do you see as the next big trend? I'm going to start wearing space suits.

Last book read? Pendragon Series by DJ MacHale.

Trend-proof style advice? Try to do something before it becomes a trend.

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