Retail Spotlight: Legion (Los Angeles)

This La La land shop isn't just a great place to cop your favorite designer brands, but somewhere you could actually kick it.


STORE: Legion

CITY: Los Angeles, CA

SINCE: 2006

OWNED BY:Ilan Bitton

PRICES:$$$$ (out of 5)

WHY WE COSIGN: Take a minute and think about your favorite clothing store. Now think about why it's your favorite place to shop. Not that we're telepathic or anything, but we're guessing the shop you envisioned is your favorite not only because of the product they push, but because of the shopping experience they provide. One trip to LA's Legion and we're sure you'll place them on your short list of favorite places to blow your paycheck. Besides carrying some of our favorite brands like Comme Des Garcons, Engineered Garments, Rag and Bone, and A.P.C., Legion, with its expertly designed space, is just a real chill spot to swing through. "I wanted to create an environment that not only provided an exciting shopping experience, but also one that is basically a cool place to hang out," says owner Ilan Bitton.

Established in 2006, Bitton wanted to create a space that had all the aesthetic elements he looked for when he would go shopping: nice decor, intimacy, great customer service and a selection worth leaving your house for. Despite the stately, old money look and feel of Legion, the boutique is anything but pretentious. Their friendly and knowledgeable sales staff won't turn a shoulder or look down their nose at you if you don't know about Woolrich Woolen Mills or Tsovet watches. They're more than happy to go on and on about the brands they stock, fabrics and fits. Great brands, great atmosphere, great design and great service. What more do you want out of a shop?

Read on for our interview with Ilan Bitton, pics of the store, and the address/web site...

BRANDS CARRIED:Engineered Garments, Comme Des Des Garcons, Oliver Spencer, Rag and Bone, Nice Collective, Woolrich Woolen Mills, Paul Smith, Our Legacy, C.P. Company, A.P.C., Moncler, Hartford, Phenomenon Beyond Description, Rimowa, Steven Alan, Baxter of California, Tsovet

1. Engineered Garments Chambray Workshirt

2. CPO Shirt Jackets

Complex: What was the inspiration behind Leigon, and how has it influenced the overall look and feel of your store?
Ilan: Legion has all the aesthetic elements that I am looking for when I go shopping. I am affected by everything in the store, whether it is the decor, the intimacy of a boutique, the selection, the welcoming and knowledgeable staff, the music, and the smell. Overall, I wanted to create an environment that not only provided an exciting shopping experience, but also one that is basically a cool place to hang out.

Complex: What are your retail plans for the future?
Ilan: Our current plans are simple. Focus on what we have been doing since the beginning, and keep that up.

Complex: Any anticipated collaborations?
Ilan: Not at the moment...

Complex: What are the next trends in men's style?
Ilan: Clearly, the internet has greatly affected the way people shop. With all of the information available on the internet, the customer has become more knowledgeable than ever, and concerns such as construction and fabric of clothing have intensified. We still hope for a consistent representation of casual elegance, but it could also be possible that because of the internet, an intensified demand for quality and good value could become a primary factor in deciding what the customer purchases.
141 1/2 North Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Mon-Sat: 11-7
Sunday: 10-5


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