NEEDS&WANTS Studios' Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Keeps Its Strong Momentum Going

NEEDS&WANTS Studios drops its popular varsity, peacoat varsity, and flannel Fishtail for Fall/Winter 2014.

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NEEDS&WANTS Studios drops its Fall/Winter 2014 collection today. Unlike previous releases, this delivery simultaneously includes all three designs that have helped build the brand's name and reputation. And in keeping with the brand's direction, classic garments have been treated with minimal tweaks that are subtle enough to stay grounded, but definitely out there to the point of separating from each piece's like-minded garments.

The popular single leather sleeve varsity jacket returns, this time in a triple tone colorway. The flannel fishtail shirts, previously available in red and a linen iteration, sticks to the monochromatic color palette of this season's release. The newest is the trench varsity, which resembles the peacoat varsity released last year, but  visibly longer in length. 

The approach to release items individually has become somewhat a signature of NEEDS&WANTS Studios. That said, we're not complaining that all three are dropping at the same time. 

Head over to NEEDS&WANTS Studio's website to cop—before you regret not swiping that card, or get hit with the "sold out" notification. 









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