Kanye West and NYFW Creator Fern Mallis Squash Beef (But Not at the Spotted Pig)

Praying that interview happens soon.

Kanye West attended the 2015 CFDA Awards tonight partly to support newly pregnant wife Kim Kardashian, who was presenting the Media Award to Instagram founder Kevin Systom, and honor Pharrell, who received the "Fashion Icon" prize. He was also there to... make up with New York Fashion Week creator Fern Mallis?

​The rapper, who Mallis has outspokenly said she's not a fan of and was "kind of over," was seen taking pictures and talking to Mallis at the CFDA Awards. So no, it wasn't at the Spotted Pig, where Kanye previously told Mallis to book a table (perhaps only partly joking). But smiles and any kind of reconciliation is good, right?

It's not known at this time what exactly the two talked about, but the Internet does exist, so chances are we'll be blessed with a transcript soon. Now, about that interview... 


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