Iceland Has Given Björk an Island to Thank Her for Cultural Contributions

We can hardly believe it either.

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Some countries award their outstanding citizens with medals and ceremonies, but Iceland just one-upped everyone. To thank singer and activist Björk for her cultural contributions both in and out of the country, Iceland has given her an island. Elliðaey, as it's called, is not just any island, though (read: a tropical wasteland somewhere), it's genuinely a piece of mountain/crater hybrid off the southern coast of the country. The house sits at its center, ready for her to occupy it and accompany the roaming cattle and nesting birds.

Trying to stalk? Good luck. The only way to get there is by rope, boat, or helicopter. It's an overwhelmingly giant "thank you" card for putting the country on the map, so the least she can get is some extra seclusion, right?

UPDATE: We've learned that the Icelandic government did not give Björk her home on Elliðaey Island, where she does in fact live. The image above depicts a hunting lodge built in the 1950s.

[via Huckberry]

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