Brand Profile: C.P. Company

As they celebrate their 20th anniversary of their most popular jacket, get familiar with this Italy-based brand.

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BRAND:C.P. Company


OWNED BY: Carlo Rivetti

HOME BASE:Ravarino, Italy

WHY WE CO-SIGN: We've said it before, and we'll say it again, uniforms are not something that we're too fond of. It's not like we have bad childhood memories of being forced to wear uniforms to our private schools, or totally hate the community service steeze like Chris Brown, it's just we like to wear what we want. However, our thoughts changed a bit when we got familiar with Italian-based C.P company—a brand that transforms traditional military uniforms and working clothes into sophisticated and stylish pieces...

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Goggle Jacket, C.P. Company collaborated with Aitor Throup to recreate the timeless classic which includes built-in goggles, a watch porthole, detachable gloves, and even a body segment that moves with you as you sit in your car. The standout jacket works whether you're driving in a race across Europe, or just trekking during your daily commute to your 9-5. The jacket is just the latest standout in C.P's range, dating back since 1975, owner of the company Carlo Rivetti set out to find new ways to marry formality and function by studying uniforms from the 19th century and making them more comfortable and wearable for daily use. Since it's inception, the brand is responsible for developing new materials, and over 60,000 dyes that come out of the brands specialized research and color laboratory. To see how end result of the lengthy process, check out out pics of C.P. Company's 20th Anniversary Goggle Jacket by Aitor Throup and the video installation debut in London...





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