Brand Profile: Brian Wood

This label isn't your everyday streetwear brand, and we mean that in the best way possible.

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BRAND:Brian Wood

SINCE: 2005


HOME BASE:New York City

WHY WE CO-SIGN:Brian Wood is no newcomer to the streetwear game. He's been making dope, albeit eccentric, clothing since his self-titled line jumped off in 2005. Now, we'll be the first to say it: everyone can't rock Brian Wood's wares. For one, his clothing is pretty pricey (button ups check in around $210+). But what you're paying for is an extreme attention to detail and a style, quite literally, unlike anything else on the market. Go through his past ingeniously themed collections and you'll notice that they consist of pieces that a lot of people couldn't rock on the regular (like the Night Stalkers collection that had button ups with blood splattered cuffs). But for those of you fearless fashion heads, Brian Wood is right up your alley. His naval/desert camo inspired spring/summer 2010 line, Our Ransom is Love, is not the craziest collection he's done, but it features enough unique and interesting cuts and new takes on classic pieces that it should satisfy all your attention grabbing needs. Warning, if your self conscious at all we suggest you just keep on walking, homie.

Keep reading to see Brian Wood's 5 winter essentials as well as pics from the spring 2010 "Our Ransom Is Love" line...

Founder Brian Wood's Five Winter Essentials
1. Kiehls Lip Balm #1
Click here to Buy It Now at Kiehls, $7
2. Hanes Classic A-Shirt
Click here to Buy It Now at Hanes, $8
3. Probus Kill the Count Varsity Jacket
Click here to Buy It Now at Probus, $395
4. Tretorn T-56 Mid GTX Gortex Sneakers
Click here to Buy It Now at Tretorn, $170
5. Barneys Solid Ribbed Cashmere Skully
Click here to Buy It Now at Barneys, $120

Left- Desert Storm Camo Jean Jacket, $405.00; Right- Striped Shirt, $280.00

Left- Seer Sucker shirt, $210.00 and Desert Storm camo shorts $125.00; Right- S/S Tuxedo shirt, $210.00

Left- Overcoat, $490.00; Right- Cardigan, $270.00 and B WOOD Cupid tank, $52.00

1. Snap back hat collaboration with Dee and Ricky x Nubian a Tokyo
based boutique
2. A one night Installation displaying a 6 piece jacket collaboration with Alpha Industries to celebrate Alpha's 50th year anniversary.
3. Jewelry collaboration with PONO entitled "Bullet Proof Love"

WHERE TO FIND IT:Brian Wood, Probus, and Vinnies Styles


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