Amanda Bynes Was Allegedly Caught Stealing Merchandise From Barneys

Amanda Bynes allegedly stole merchandise from Barneys.

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Amanda Bynes finds herself in headlines again. Following news that the actress was kicked out from the Fashion Institute of Merchandising and Design and is now engaged to a 19-year-oldTMZ is now reporting that Bynes was allegedly caught by security trying to steal merchandise from Barneys

According to TMZ's sources, Bynes was seized by security guards at the luxury retailer's Madison Avenue location in New York City after she tried to walk out with a $200 hat she didn't pay for. Witnesses said that Bynes was "acting crazy" after she was brought back into the store by the police. 

TMZ also cites sources who said that the actress told the security that she had no intention of stealing and was merely trying to cover her face with the hat after being chased by fans inside Barneys. 

Bynes was let go by the police and asked by Barneys to sign a no-trespass agreement, banning her from ever going back to the store. She has yet to comment on the incident (or tweet about it). 

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