Adobe Debuts Digital, Interactive Strapless Dress

The software company revealed the garment at the Adobe Max 2023 conference in Los Angeles.

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Adobe is venturing into fashion.

Last week, during the Adobe Max 2023 conference in Los Angeles, the software company revealed a digital, interactive garment called Project Primrose.

The woman who created the dress, research scientist Christine Dierk, modeled it for the audience. At first, the strapless piece—which includes a number of small screens resembling scales—was cream-colored. “Unlike traditional clothing, which is static, Primrose allows me to refresh my look in a moment,” Dierk said. She then changed the dress’ color to a metallic silver, impressing the audience.

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She changed the dress’ pattern several times, from stripes to diamonds to chevrons, dubbing it a “digital dress that brings fabric to life.”

Adam Devine, who co-hosted the Sneaks portion of the conference, gasped and threw in his two cents: “Red carpets are going to be way sassy.”

In addition to being activated by a remote, the dress can also change when the body moves, and can even trigger a moving pattern, using embedded sensors.

“Fashion doesn’t have to be static, it can be dynamic and even interactive,” Dierk added. “And we’re excited for a future where there’s more ways to express yourself.”

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