These High-Tech Pants Will Tell You If Your Zipper Is Down Before Anyone Else Notices

Noti-FLY pants will send a notification to your phone if your Zipper is down.

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Amazing news, everyone. Engineers have finally given us a product that truly benefits society: a pair of pants that will tell you if your zipper is down. (Cue the appreciative applause).

According to Esquire, the design is called Noti-FLY and was developed by Chaotic R&D with a simple purpose: to prevent the soul-crushing embarrassment of going out in public with an open fly. Here’s how it works. A pair of woven pants is embedded with smart technology that is turned on as soon as the pants are buttoned. Once the pants are "on," they will recognize whether or not the zipper is up and will discreetly send a message to your smartphone if your fly happens to be down. Sounds so simple, yet so genius. But what’s even better is that the design doesn’t look any different from the typical, everyday pants, as all the tech components are practically hidden from the outside world. "Because nobody wants to be that guy with 'Tech Trousers.'"

You can learn more about the Noti-FLY pants in the information video above and at the Chaotic R&D website

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