Nate App Looks to Make Online Shopping Much Easier

Utilizing AI technology, this new mobile app simplifies the online checkout process by collecting payment and shipping information at sign-up.


Image via Publicist


Nate is here to make your online shopping experience much easier.

The newly launched mobile app utilizes AI technology to expedite the checkout process that so many of us dread. Once a user enters his/her shipping and payment information at sign-up, nate will use those details for all subsequent online purchases—effectively eliminating the time-consuming checkout steps. All you have to do is select an item you see from an online store, tap "share" with nate and then tap "buy." Users information will be saved on the app, which will allow for easy re-ordering.


Users can also save products in a curated in-app list that can be shared across social media platforms. If their followers or friends like what they see, they can also purchase the listed items with two easy taps via the app. As nate founder Albert Saniger put it, this feature allows users to make purchase decisions based on shared inspiration, rather than an algorithm "recommending" what they should buy. 

"All the companies trying to reduce friction from the purchase experience are building products for companies, selling higher conversion," Saniger told WWD. "Nobody is focused on people. People don’t want another checkout method. They want a single, universal solution for all purchases. They want to be inspired by other humans, not by machines. I am certainly one of them. Tired of companies reordering my social feeds or serving me ‘relevant’ ads. I couldn’t care less about what an algorithm thinks I should buy. I want to be inspired by other humans, not machines. And I want to stay inspired. And not worry about the checkout."


It also makes the gift-buying experience much more seamless. Once a user has a gift selected, nate will ask them to enter the recipient's phone number. If the recipient is a nate user, the item will be shipped directly to them. If they are not, the recipient will get a text message informing them they have a gift on hold and then ask them where they would like it delivered.

You can download nate now on the App Store.

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