John Mayer Reveals the Famous Rockstar Who Got Him Hooked on visvim

It wasn’t sparked by an endorsement deal or any kind of business arrangement.

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John Mayer’s love for visvim has been well-documented over the years—so much so that he’s basically become a walking advertisement for the Japanese brand. But what many people might not know is how his obsession with Hiroki Nakamura’s designs started. And, no, it wasn’t sparked by an endorsement deal or any kind of business arrangement.

“It couldn’t have been more organic,” Mayer told Hypebeast. “I won’t get high and mighty about how long it’s been, because the fact of the matter is that everyone who wants to be into it should be into it. Someone turned me onto it, and I turned someone else onto it.”

So who is responsible for Mayer’s first encounter with visvim? As it turns out, Eric Clapton. The legendary rock musician introduced Mayer to designer Hiroshi Fujiwara and ultimately, other heavy-hitters within the Japanese street-wear scene.

“I remember meeting Kazuki Kuraishi, who walked me into F.I.L. and introduced [visvim] to me,” Mayer said. “That was 2005, and that started me on the path I’ve been on for over a decade now.”

Today, the 38-year-old guitarist has built a strong relationship with vsivim’s Nakamura as well as an impressive arsenal of visvim gear. He even has a storage space in California reserved for many of his pieces.

“One year, I just gave myself permission that if this is what I really love dealing in and thinking about, then I’ll go hard twice a year on visvim seasons,” he said, “...really just keep alive the idea of being someone 10 years from now who can understand and represent the history of the brand.”

Read the full interview, in which Mayer also discusses his love for sneakers and street-wear, over at Hypebeast.

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