Hebru Brantley Talks About His Collaboration With BAPE

The Hebru Brantley x BAPE collection will hit all A Bathing Ape stores this Saturday.

Hebro Brantley doesn’t confine himself to specific art mediums. The Chicago-based creative has had his hands in everything from video directing to paintings to sculptures to graffiti. And now, Brantley is expanding his creative endeavors with a new collaboration with BAPE.

Days before the collection drops, the artist sat down with Complex News' Natasha Martinez at the BAPE Los Angeles store to discuss the inspiration behind his work, his advice for up-and-coming artists, and, of course, his partnership with the streetwear giant.

“Being able to not only collab, but then to have the people I’m collaborating with be, you know, so genuine, so open, so cool—that’s rare,” he said when asked about bringing his characters and vision into signature BAPE designs. “Painting and sculpting and studio work is more of an intimate process. It’s more of just me and that thing—I engage with just that. With fashion and things like that, again, it’s the collaboration; it’s involving more parties; you have a few more opinions. It’s a process all the way through with others […] Again, to be a part of that and exist within that is a great compliment.”

Hebru’s BAPE collaboration consists of short-sleeve graphic tees and shark hoodies that combine BAPE’s Baby Milo and Ape Head with the artist’s Flyboy and Lil Mama characters. The range dropped exclusively at BAPE L.A. and Social Status over the weekend, and will hit all A Bathing Ape locations this Saturday (June 9).

While we wait for the wide drop, you can check out our interview with Brantley above.

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