Balenciaga's "T-Shirt Shirt" Design Has Resulted in Some Terrific Memes

It's basically a shirt with another shirt attached to it.


Close-up of signage for the Balenciaga upscale shoe boutique on Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City, New York, September 15, 2017.


For many Balenciaga customers, there’s no better fashion accessory then a solid sense of humor. Do you remember the label’s $2,000 Ikea tote bag or its wildly extra platform Crocs? Of course you do. Well, it seems Balenciaga has once again created a stir among the world’s fashion-focused sects with its offbeat “T-shirt shirt” design.

And, no, that wasn’t a repeated word typo. The mens’ Fall 2018 piece is essentially a blue-checkered button-up attached to the front of a blue short-sleeve T-shirt. The garment’s online description reads: “Two wearing options: wear the short sleeves shirt with front drape effect or the long sleeves shirt with back drape effect.”

Perhaps even more ridiculous than the two-in-one shirt concept is its $1,290 price tag. And, no, that also wasn’t a typo. This bad boy will cost you nearly $1,300, while a more formal “Double Shirt” version—a button-up attached to another button-up—will run you a whopping $1,490.

The aesthetic of these pieces, along with their costs, have generated a lot of buzz on social media. Some people were confused, others were offended, while the vast majority were amused.

You can check out some of the best reactions to Balenciaga’s “T-shirt shirt” and “Double shirt” below.

And if you’re a risk-taker who happens to have an extra couple thousand dollars in the bank, you can purchase the items here.

Balenciaga’s Steve Bannon collection

— Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) May 28, 2018


I just made my own Double Shirt and it didn't cost thousands of dollars!

— Mike  (@AH_Mike) May 28, 2018

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