424's Guillermo Andrade Provides Glimpse of His New Work-Life Amid Pandemic

This new film—directed by Guillermo's brother, Diego Andrade—shows how the creative director completed 424's latest collection under the COVID-19 lockdown.

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We all know the global pandemic has caused unprecedented work place disruptions, and has forced countless workers and entrepreneurs to completely change their everyday operations. 424's Guillermo Andrade is among the millions of people who've managed to continue their work throughout the crisis. And it was all possible through some ingenuity, flexibility, and technology tools.

The 424 co-founder/creative director recently joined forces with his brother, director Diego Andrade, to provide a glimpse into his everyday work-life under COVID-19 restrictions. Guillermo appears in a short film that illustrates the various ways he's had to adapt to the new "normal" and successfully complete 424's spring/summer 2021 collection on time.

Guillermo Andrade x Diego Andrade film

We see Guillermo working solo in his office on Fairfax, putting together mood boards and designing new pieces with the help of resources like Dropbox.

"I get to be in the room when my products are being made, and for those three or four months, I wasn’t been able to do that," Guillermo said. "My team had to develop new ways of communicating and moving forward. It's been challenging but there are some great tools to be able to build from a distance."

Guillermo Andrade x Diego Andrade film

You can watch the full short film above.

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