Virgil Abloh Says He Wants to Intern for Raf Simons

Virgil Abloh wouldn't mind cleaning Raf Simons' living room just to be in his space.

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Virgil Abloh has taken his adoration for Raf Simons to another level. In a recent interview with UK newspaper The Independent, Abloh said that he would love to work for the Belgian designer—for free. “I would be an intern—sweep the floor, clean his living room—just to be in that space," he said. 

Abloh, who recently launched the fall/winter installment of Off-White, has expressed similar sentiments regarding Simons in the past. Earlier this year, he spoke to about his obsession with Simons and how it all began with a collection from 2003. 

"I’m 33 now, so I’ve been studying Raf’s work for probably ten years," he told the women's fashion magazine. "I think what drew me to his work was his intellectualized view of current culture. His approach is so reality-based. His early work is social commentary on being young, and that approach to fashion resonates with me the most."

But don't expect a collaboration from Abloh and Simons just yet. For now, Abloh would rather be an apprentice, saying that he doesn't think he's "worthy" to work with Simons, who's "such an inspiration" to him. 

[via The Independent]

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