Katie Eary Talks About Working with Kanye West, and Why His Fashion Critics Need to Chill

Yeezy taught her.

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Late last year, Kanye West conducted a slew of interviews and candidly spoke out during his "visionary streams of consciousness" about the neglect and disrespect he felt he was receiving from the fashion industry. Whether or not the big wigs will budge remains to be seen, but one of Kanye's earliest supporters and collaborators Katie Eary is standing behind him.

As her career continues to flourish—designing for River Island, working with G.O.O.D. Music, and debuting her latest line on the runway in her hometown, her ties to Yeezy remain strong. She credits Kanye as a muse, and in an interview with Jay Z's Life + Times, she reflected upon her relationship with the rapper turned designer.

When asked what she learned from the famed rapper, she answered that, "Anything is possible." And when speaking on her "amazing" experience working with him, she said, "We got on. Always lots of fun ideas being bounced around," she added. "I would go crazy and he would refine the ideas."

When it comes to the fashion critics who bashed Kanye's first two eponymous womenswear collections, Eary believed they were "far too harsh." She added that the negative reviews and were, "Totally unnecessary." 

Agree or disagree with Eary?

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