FIFA Might Fine Brazil's Neymar Jr. for Wearing the Wrong Underwear

Neymar is under investigation and might face a fine for rocking the wrong undies.

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Brazil's star forward Neymar Jr. hasn't had any problems scoring during the World Cup. He's currently tied for first with four goals scored during the tournament. But just because he's a superstar who's proven himself superior to most of the competition doesn't mean he can't escpe the wrath of the super-strict FIFA, which has already banned Beats by Dre headphones from the tourney.

The 22-year-old phenom is facing heat from the World Cup's governing body for exposing a tie-dyed pair of "sunga" shorts (the Brazilian version of the speedo) with his country's colors on it. 

According to FIFA, the problem is, Neymar's lucky undies aren't officially sponsored underwear, and just like Beats, can not be worn onto the tournament field. The organization is reportedly investigating the matter and could fine the World Cup's leading scorer, if they choose to. Ouch, over a pair of underwear? Cop them here if you want to support Neymar in his struggle to wear whatever damn underwear he wants.

[via MTV Style]

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