A$AP Illz Takes You Through Walking At the DKNY Fall/Winter 2014 Show (Video)

With behind the scenes images as well.

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Just last week, A$AP Illz walked the DKNY Fall/Winter 2014 show during New York Fashion Week—and shared the runway with a few other real New Yorkers. Now, you can follow him through that journey, as if you were there with him and his crew the whole time. 

The brief video and accompanying editorial directed and photographed by Sir Fawn gives a behind the scenes look at his time spent leading up to the big moment. Follow as he arrives at the venue, gets ready for the show, and everything else in between. 

In a recent interview with GQ, Illz revealed that being on the runway is something he's always wanted to do. "My homie J. Scott, the in-house DJ for A$AP, texted me saying that DKNY was looking for me and A$AP Nast. I ended up going through with it," A$AP Illz said. "I didn't even have to get cast for it. I went straight to the fitting, they liked what they put on me, I walked for them. And they wanted me there as much as I wanted to be there. It was a very organic thing."

His appearance at the DKNY show was a good look for him. But we wouldn't count out any other future campaigns or shows. After all, Illz has had some  experience prior to this.


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