Needs/Wants Is Dropping the Only Extra-Long Flannel Shirt You'll Need and Want

A nice addition to your Needs/Wants varsity jacket.

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Image via Complex Original
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Toronto’s Needs/Wants already left us impressed with the thoughtful detailing of the brand’s signature asymmetrical varsity jacket. Broadening its catalog, the Canadian label is now set to launch a set of dope flannel shirts.

Only a few images are available right now, but that's all you need to convince you to cop. The shirts boast a tartan pattern and are crafted with top-tier materials and construction. An exaggerated shirttail is included, adding a contemporary touch to this otherwise classic flannel shirt.

And while you’re waiting for the shirt to drop at the end of the month, peep this latest mixtape Needs/Wants curated in partnership with DJ Spoonz below.

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