Lake Bell Gets Tattooed By Husband Scott Campbell for the Cover of New York Magazine...Sort Of

The Fall Fashion issue is hotter than ever.

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To coincide with actress/director Lake Bell's new filmIn a World..., she got completely naked for the cover of New York magazine, with the exception of temporary tattoos designed by her artist husband, Scott Campbell. The issue features photographs of the couple by Marc Seliger plus an interview with Marc Jacobs about tattoos in the fashion industry (Jacobs gets his tattoos done by Campbell, who is known for being the preferred tattoo artist of many celebrities).

In the cover story, Lake Bell also talks about tattoos, including her lack of them, in addition to writing and directing In a World... Apparently Scott was able to help her save money in the process, and she describes making fake art pieces based on the styles of classic artists.

To save money on licensing fees, Bell recruited Campbell to be an art assistant for her new comedy, In a World … “Scott and I spent a whole night painting bad fake Keith Harings. Heath Karing, I guess. We both did fake Picassos.” Campbell also did a “humongous” painting of a butt plug that appears in the movie behind two Russian women in a party scene.

The issue is out tomorrow.

[via NYMag]

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