Invader Puts Up A New Snow White Piece in the Lower East Side

The artist put up a new piece the same night his "Art 4 Space" film premiered in New York.

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Last night, Invader screened his Art 4 Space film at the Sunshine Cinema in New York, which was followed by an afterparty where guests wore masks (celebrating the artist's anonymity and early Halloween). Presented by Jonathan LeVine Gallery, the film shared footage and images of 70 pieces being installed in Miami (with narration by Invader), before the artist decided to launch one of his "invasions" into space.

Invader has "invaded" over 60 cities, and he (like Banksy), has been prolific in New York this month. In addition to three pieces in the Lower East Side, it looks like he's added another piece, resembling Snow White, on the southeast corner of Essex and Delancey. It's certainly larger than most of his invasions, and it reminds us of the Spiderman piece he revealed in Paris last April.

Watch the trailer for Art 4 Space below and look forward to its appearance in a city near you.

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