Inside FriendsWithYou's Incredible Los Angeles Studio

The artist duo gives us a tour of their colorful workspace.

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We have been longtime fans of FriendsWithYou here at Complex Art+Design, so much that we jumped at the opportunity to interview them last February with only 24 hours notice. Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III are behind the FWY movement, which is meant to include their viewers, fans, and participants in the meaning, execution, evolution, and importance of their work. 

They moved to Los Angeles last November from Miami and found a big workspace to accommodate their big ideas and projects. It contains the cheeriness and positivity of their work and philosophy with bright colors, their famous Malfi character, and two levels. Of the move, they previously told us, "We really followed our bliss and are always excited for new adventures. We want to experience as much of life as possible and keep learning and finding new, amazing people to collaborate with. Miami is an incredible place and will always be that way in our hearts. There are so many amazing gems in Los Angeles that we are turning over regularly. People love to make good projects out here, and we think this city is such a great place to explore."

If watching their video with MOCAtv wasn't enough for you, these photos provide a further peek into their inspiring workplace. And if that's not enough, read their advice for creative people who want to make the world a better place:

"Work hard and do it for the right reason. Everyone is needed to make something so bright. It’s time to connect our world for good and start the process of what we were really put on this Earth to do. The more artists and people that join this state of consciousness, the better. We are going to see amazing things in our lifetime, and this moment is so important. Every action creates a wave, and together we think the world can really do something incredible with a unified goal."

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