Dustin Yellin Is the Newest Artist to Collaborate With the New York City Ballet

This year's Art Series piece will be a lobby installation by Brookyln-based artist Dustin Yellin.

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The New York City Ballet's Art Series returns with an excellent choice, artist Dustin Yellin, who's based in Brooklyn. After previously commissioning FAILE and JR to create ballet-inspired pieces for the David H. Koch Theater lobby space, NYCB will have Yellin create a large-scale installation featuring 3,000-pound glass sculptures. As the preview video they've made indicates (above), Yellin's pieces are not only heavy, they are multi-layered and highly detailed, using materials from numerous books and paper sources to create striking collages that he says are "born out of accidents."

When speaking of being inspired by the ballet to create these pieces, called "Pyschogeographies" and meant to be maps of the pysche, Dustin says, "I was moved thinking about these young, 25-year-old dancers [who are] full of life, and that they're on their toes for all these hours."

Visit the installation from February 12 through February 22 at the David H. Koch Theater lobby. You can also buy $29 tickets on January 12 at nycballet.com for the three Art Series performances on February 12, February 19, and February 27. Guests to the Art Series will also receive a limited-edition takeaway created by Yellin.

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