Three Men Charged With Theft for Banksy Balloons Valued at $300,000

The war on Banksy's work in NY is not over.

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While Banksy's month-long October residency in New York, "Better Out Than In," may have come and gone, the repercussions have not. As we previously reported, his last piece Banksy!, a balloon work resembling graffiti in Queens, was confiscated by the NYPD.

If you're just catching up, that's right—the NYPD took an actual balloon into custody, and the New York Times reports that it was listed on their invoice simply as "a balloon." Jimmy Chiang (31), David Aguilar (25), and Ronald Galarza (24) were arrested on charges of criminal trespassing, and Mr. Chiang was charged with criminal mischief for trying to steal Banksy!.

Estimated to be worth around $200,000-$300,000, the piece has not been claimed, but will either be discarded or sold at auction. Supposedly it has been deflated and is on the third floor of the Police Department’s building on Pearson Place in Long Island City.

Who would have thought that Banksy's last piece would actually result in criminal charges? Looks like the previous thieves and vandals got away easy.

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[via NYTimes]

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