Introducing Art Provocateurs Week on Complex, With Artists Curated by Shepard Fairey

In conjunction with Shepard Fairey's Art Alliance exhibition during Lollapalooza in Chicago, we've interviewed the artists showing work there.

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Welcome to Art Provocateurs Week, in collaboration with Art Alliance, where we interview artists who are a part of the Shepard Fairey-curated "The Provocateurs" exhibition during Lollapalooza. Enter our contest for a chance to win free tickets for the exhibition or buy them here. The exhibition runs from July 31 to August 4 at Block 37 in Chicago.​​

This week, we're celebrating the artists who don't always follow the rules—the ones who may be known for their work on the street but who are equally adaptable to numerous environments. Their work shines and spreads online, as well, and it sells in galleries. It makes statements about themselves and about the world they live in. They're "The Provocateurs" Shepard Fairey has chosen to highlight in his new exhibition, which opens on July 31 at Block 37 in Chicago.

This week, we're highlighting four of the below artists with in-depth interviews about their work and being included in "The Provocateurs." Today, we're starting with the curator himself, Shepard Fairey.

Andrew Schoultz, C215, Camille Rose Garcia, Clare Rojas, Cleon Peterson, Cope2, CYRCLE, D*FACE, Dana Louise Kirkpatrick, Deedee Cheriel, Dzine, Ernesto Yerena Montejano, Estevan Oriol, Evan Hecox, FAILE, Gary Panter, HAZE, How and Nosm, James Cauty, Jamie Reid, Jen Stark, Jim Houser, Keith Haring, Lee Quinones, Mark Mothersbaugh, Maya Hayuk, Monica Canilao, Neck Face, POSE, Ravi Zupa, RETNA, Revok, Richard Colman, Ryan McGinness, Shepard Fairey, Skullphone, Space Invader, Stanley Donwood, Swoon, Thomas Campbell, Tim Armstrong, Winston Smith, WK, Interact

Watch our interview with Shepard Fairey discussing his collaboration with Hennessy this year, below:


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