André 3000 Shares the 47 Jumpsuits He Wore During the Outkast Festival Tour at Art Basel Miami Beach

At an exhibition with SCAD, André 3000 shared the jumpsuits he wore on tour with phrases of his opinions and advice.

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Last night, a unique exhibition opened during Art Basel Miami Beach—one where 47 jumpsuits previously worn by André 3000 are now on display. Titled "i feel ya: SCAD + André 3000 Benjamin," it's located at The Savannah College of Art and Design Museum's pop-up at Mana Miami (318 NW 23rd Street, Wynwood), and has additional work by filmmaker Greg Brunkalla and painter Jimmy O'Neal.

The three artists have created work that responds to the flood of images, opinions, and overall digital content that we are inundated with everyday. André 3000 wore these jumpsuits—which he designed to have various phrases written on them—on the widely-seen Outkast festival tour last summer, sporting a different one each night. The musings and observations range from "big girls are beautiful to me" to "art or fart?" to "andre-now-thousand."

Greg Brunkalla created a film based on André's quotes, titled Trumpets, where the words become subtitles for moving images that are projected randomly throughout the day. The film is essentially being made and re-made as the day goes on, next to the jumpsuits themselves. Jimmy O'Neal's colorful, abstract paintings further add to the conversation about digital culture and how we receive information.

After this premiere at Mana Miami, which runs through Dec. 7, the "i feel ya" exhibition will travel to SCAD in Savannah, Ga. and go on view in summer 2015. Browse a selection of the 47 jumpsuits above.


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