Japanese Women Are Trying the Weirdest Fix to Make Their Boobs Bigger

Japanese women are testing out a bizarre new trend inspired by a cartoon character.

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We can always count on Japan to give us the newest, weirdest trends. The same country that birthed intricate nail art for businessmen and straw sculptures is now giving us women with ribbons tied under their breasts to be more like cartoon characters, reports the Daily Mail.

Women in Japan are tying a blue ribbon around their biceps and strategically placing it underneath their boobs so they look bigger every time they move their arms. The look is inspired by a cartoon character named Hestia from the anime show Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon. The trend has begun to spread outside of just cosplayers, a term given to those who dress up like their favorite characters, to a general population trying to give themselves a boost. Fans of the trend have even created a guide to help others perfect the look.

Even the world's strangest fashion trends pale in comparison to girls copying a cartoon character to pump up their breasts. Except for the Japanese trend of getting a bagel head—nothing will ever be weirder than that. 






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