Raf Simons Get Emotional Over Sterling Ruby Fabrics in a New Clip for "Dior and I"

"Dior and I" offers an unparralled look at Raf Simons crunchtime designs for the venerable fashion house.

Image via Dazed

Raf Simons' appointment as creative director of Dior with just eight weeks left to create his first collection is the subject of the new documentary Dior and IDazed has an exclusive clip from the documentary that shows a candid Simons getting emotional over a gown that utilizes the work of Sterling Ruby, who the designer has also worked with for his eponymous line

The documentary is full of these sincere behind-the-scenes moments, according to Simons himself. "When I saw the film, there were those moments – I didn’t even know they were filmed,” Simons tells Dazed. “A very confronting moment for me was just before the show, when I sat with [director Frédéric Tcheng] on the roof. I (can) see my own fear. So in that sense, it’s purely documentary. When I’m looking at it myself, it’s like, ‘Is this interesting to people?’ Because this is what it is every day. This is what we do. This has nothing to do with acting." 

Simons says that he was hesitant to do the documentary at first, but he opened up after meeting Tcheng, who the designer says "has a sublime personality." Apparently, the filming was only supposed to take place over the course of a week, but Simons told Tcheng while he was packing up, "Stay. Tomorrow we’re going to the archives; that’ll be interesting for your film."

Thanks to Simons openness, the film offers an unparalleled look at what it takes to design a collection for one of the world's biggest fashion houses. 

Watch the full clip over on Dazedand check out the film when it hits theaters in the United States on April 10. You can check your local listings at the documentary's official website. 

[via Dazed]

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