Exclusive: PacSun Is Bringing Reed Space to Malls Across America

PacSun and jeffstaple are teaming up to bring Reed Space into PacSun stores across the country.

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​PacSun is bringing jeffstaple's Reed Space to its locations across the country. Reed Space is known as one of the best streetwear shops in the business, and was created as a space where the creative community could come together—something jeffstaple and PacSun felt like was lacking in areas where malls were the only shopping destinations. 

"I want to offer fans—both old and new, all over the country, a chance to be a part of this incredible culture," jeffstaple said about the new partnership. To accomplish this, PacSun has created shop-in-shops that resemble Reed Space's New York City location with wood flooring motifs, chairs attached to the walls for shelving, and a clean, white aesthetic. Reed Space in PacSun will also offer some of the same brands that are available at the NYC store.

PacSun has been riding an undeniable wave lately—exclusively stocking Kanye West's "Yeezus" tour merchandise, partnering with A$AP Mob for a collection, and working with Black Scale and #BEEN TRILL#—and this is just the retailer's latest move to ingratiate itself with streetwear culture

The first shop-in-shops will open at Queens Center in New York City, the Glendale Galleria in Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Center on Nov. 20, with plans for many more to open in 2015.  



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